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Avenue Fighter 2 CPU cheated with prompt God Mode, unblockable assaults

Avenue Fighter 2, one in all historical past’s iconic combating video games, was notoriously robust, however that’s most likely as a result of its CPU was a no-good, soiled cheater.

The revelation was made by YouTuber Desk, who uploaded a video that particulars the numerous methods of how the Avenue Fighter 2 CPU cheated human gamers out of victories.

The primary technique of dishonest by the Avenue Fighter 2 CPU was its functionality for fast God Mode, making it invulnerable to assaults for a brief time period. Desk exhibits the identical mixture by Ryu in opposition to Chun-Li, ending with a sweep that solely impacts human gamers, not the CPU. He goes on to point out how varied CPU-controlled characters have situations of invincibility.

Desk additionally confirmed that CPU characters are in a position to escape of dizzy standing nearly immediately when human gamers have to mash buttons for so long as a few seconds. The CPU additionally apparently performs by its personal guidelines in charging assaults akin to Guile’s flash kick, which requires human gamers to carry the down button for 2 seconds, however CPU gamers can launch the flash kick immediately.

The Avenue Fighter 2 CPU additionally cheats by means of its capability to mash buttons sooner than humanly doable. This enables maintain assaults akin to E. Honda’s physique seize and Blanka’s face bites to nearly utterly deplete the opponent’s life.

Lastly, the Avenue Fighter 2 CPU additionally has entry to unblockable assaults for good measure, as is every part else was not already sufficient to tilt matches in its favor.

The video evokes nostalgia for the avid gamers who spent hours attempting to advance in Avenue Fighter 2, adopted by resentment in opposition to Capcom for robbing them of the glory of victory for years.

Video video games are very totally different at the moment, particularly in multiplayer titles akin to Overwatch and Apex Legends. Blizzard and Respawn, together with the remainder of the builders, proceed to crack down in opposition to dishonest, to supply all gamers with a good expertise.

Capcom can be in serious trouble if it makes an attempt to tug off a stunt just like the dishonest Avenue Fighter 2 CPU in a contemporary sport, however now, the revelation simply makes the basic title an much more charming piece of online game historical past.

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