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Duplicating MGID Campaigns with Bid Changes

Step 1: Go to Selective Bidding on the marketing campaign you wish to duplicate.

Step 2: Hit the export button, and choose CSV with sources.

Step three: Open the CSV file and take away all columns anticipate: widget id and the co-eff bid.

Step 5: Add a New column between the widget id and the co-eff bid.

Step 6: Fill new column with ,
Instance format:

Widget id , Bid
Widget id , Bid
Widget id , Bid
Widget id , Bid

You will notice one other instance while you import the file.

Step 7: in case you have over 1000 distinctive ids. Type by descending. Take away all bids which might be set at 1. They may already default to that.

Step eight: Export as a .CSV file.

Step 9: Import that file within the new duplicated campaigns Selective Bidding menu.

Step 10: Ensure your advert bids are the identical as the unique marketing campaign.

Step 11: Ask the AM to clone over your blacklist.

Step 12: Scale Scale Scale!

Like this:

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