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The Case for PPC Scripts

How a lot does a polar bear weigh?

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Hello, I’m Connor Regan, an Account Supervisor right here at Hanapin Advertising and marketing. As we speak we’ll be going over scripts, what they’re, how they work and the way we’d finest use them with PPC promoting. Neat!

What Are Scripts & How Do They Work?

Beginning with the technical definition given by Google, “Google Advertisements scripts present a technique to programmatically management your Google Advertisements knowledge utilizing easy JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. You need to use scripts to automate frequent procedures or work together with exterior knowledge—for one to many Google Advertisements accounts.”

That definition says so much with out truly telling us a lot, that means it’s extremely imprecise and doesn’t actually present any perception into what scripts are and what they’ll do for us. Permit me to enlighten you a bit.

Scripts, whereas comparatively easy, aren’t one thing which you’ll grasp in a few hours in case you don’t have a severe coding background. Don’t let that deter you, nonetheless, as many scripts which you would possibly use with PPC exist already on the market on the web, they’ll simply take a little bit of enhancing to make it work to your particular accounts.

Breaking scripts down, we begin with the operate, as seen within the screenshot beneath.

PPC Script Example

Most each script begins with a “operate ()” adopted by . All the things inside the squiggly brackets is the code which will probably be executed. Whereas this can be the best half, no code will work with out this.

Variables expressed as “var” in code, are containers which retailer knowledge values. Every variable should correspond to particular objects and entities inside the account you’re utilizing the script for.

Objects, of which there are four fundamental varieties, inform the scripts the place to search for the information you need. The four forms of objects are:

• AdWordsApp (AdsApp)
• SpreadsheetApp
• MccApp (for individuals who use MCC accounts).
• UrlFetchApp

For instance, you’d use the AdWordsApp object to inform the script to look in Google Advertisements for the information you’d need it to tug.

Entities dwell inside the object, which sounds bizarre, I do know. Hopefully, this instance clears it up, “AdWordsApp.Key phrases”. Do not forget that AdWordsApp is an object, that means “Key phrases” is the entity right here inside the object. There are lots of totally different entities however, for essentially the most half, they’ll observe the thing so it’s best to seek out the entity by figuring out your object first.

In our screenshotted instance, you possibly can see that one among our snippets of code is “var campaigns = AdsApp.campaigns()”. On this instance, AdsApp is our object and campaigns() is our entity inside the object. We’re telling the script to search for our marketing campaign knowledge inside Google Advertisements.

Subsequent, Selectors are filters for the information that the script goes to tug from. Some selector examples are:

• withCondition()
• withIds()
• forDateRange()
• orderBy()
• withLimit()

Once more, seeking to our instance, you’ll see “.withCondition(“Standing = ENABLED”), “.withCondition(“Price > zero”) and “.forDateRange(“TODAY”)”. With this snippet, we’re telling our script to seek out and pull knowledge for these campaigns that are enabled and have spent greater than $zero at the moment. Beginning to make a bit extra sense now, proper? It’s necessary to know that we are able to use a number of selectors to repeatedly refine the information we’re in search of.

Iterators basically preserve the script regularly firing. For instance, through the use of iterators similar to hasNext() and subsequent(), we set a loop that can proceed to fireside so long as our script returns legitimate knowledge.

Lastly, Strategies are the instructions within the code, similar to “Get”, “Set” and “Add”. In our script instance, we’ve the snippet “var campaignIterator = campaigns.get();”. That is going to return the information of the campaigns which we’ve used Selectors to filter for.

That virtually covers all an important elements of a script. My hope is that this information may also help you learn and perceive any scripts you come throughout within the wild, as with the ability to do even simply that can allow you to immensely.

As I discussed earlier, many scripts exist already and are on the market ready so that you can copy/paste them into your account. When you can learn the script and make any mandatory edits/changes to make the script suit your account, you’ve possible saved your self hours by avoiding writing the entire script your self!

Methods to Use in PPC Promoting

Going again to our instance, let me clarify the aim of this script (which I discovered on the web and adjusted to suit the wants of our account) and the way it helps us right here at Hanapin. This script is supposed to pause our campaigns as soon as they’ve spent greater than 20% of their day by day finances (we carried out this as a result of Google’s “spend twice your day by day finances” coverage was actually interfering with our budgeting and pacing). Greater than something, this script was a security blanket, permitting for us to relaxation simple understanding that we weren’t going to blow by means of our finances throughout the first half of the month.

You would possibly now be considering, “cool, you’ve gotten a pleasant, easy script which may pause campaigns as soon as they’ve spent X quantity of . Don’t you then need to spend the subsequent day trying by means of the account re-enabling these campaigns? How does this truly save time?”

A fantastic query! Lengthy story brief, we created a second script which might re-enable these campaigns which had been paused by the over-delivery script. In our screenshot beneath, we’re asking our script to seek out any campaigns with a particular label (which we had our over-delivery script give each marketing campaign it paused) after which allow these campaigns. These scripts run in tandem, every single day, saving us time and power which we are able to then put money into different areas of the account. It’s a win-win-win.

Another PPC Script Example

There’s a close to limitless quantity of the way to make use of scripts inside your Advertisements accounts and I might encourage you to browse the web as there are such a lot of scripts on the market already simply ready for us to offer them a great dwelling. For instance, my peer, Jacob Fairclough, has some scripts to assist along with your bidding endeavors, amongst different routine optimizations.


All in all, scripts can do nearly something within the account that we ourselves would possibly do, besides they automate the method and save us time and power. Actually, life is only a mixture of time and power. Power, we are able to handle…time, we can not. Do your self a favor and implement some scripts to offer your self a few of candy, candy time again in your day.

Lastly, I might try this weblog by Christi Olson of Microsoft, who goes extra in-depth with how scripts can work with Microsoft Advertisements!

Till subsequent time!

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