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Rumored Apex Legends character could also be a well-recognized face to Titanfall gamers

A dependable Apex Legends dataminer found that the battle royale shooter will quickly welcome a well-recognized face to King’s Canyon, for gamers who additionally piloted mechs within the Titanfall video games.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, That1MiningGuy mentioned that he discovered code for a brand new character who is claimed to be coming to Apex Legends — none aside from Kuben Blisk, a contract pilot who’s the chief of the Apex Predators from the Titanfall universe.

Blisk is a ruthless mercenary who created the Apex Video games after the Frontier Conflict. The Apex Video games, set in The Outlands, is the premise behind the competitors generally known as Apex Legends. He first appeared in Titanfall, earlier than turning into an antagonist within the single-player marketing campaign of Titanfall 2.

That1MiningGuy mentioned that he discovered Blisk’s talents in Apex Legends, which seem to assist a really aggressive playstyle.

Passive: Interrogation – “Executing an enemy will reveal the situation of their allies for 10 seconds.” The flexibility is nice for gathering info on the whereabouts of your enemies, however could depart gamers susceptible because of the time it takes to hold out an execution.
Tactical: Throwing Knife – “Offers 20 injury and marks the goal. Killing a marked goal rewards double credit.” What are the credit for? They’ll have one thing to do with Blisk’s final.
Final: Payday – “Squad kills award credit. Spend credit on highly effective provides.” It stays unclear how precisely gamers will have the ability to purchase provides with the credit that they earn. The listing of things that could be bought, for both 2, 5, or 10 credit, will decide the worth of this ability, and of Blisk in his entirety.

Self-proclaimed lore knowledgeable FrozenFroh believes that Blisk is behind The Syndicate, which operates and makes cash from the Apex Video games. In the meantime, Crypto, one other character who is anticipated to hitch Apex Legends in season three, is believed to be a part of the group trying to overthrow The Syndicate.

A showdown between Blisk and Crypto stands out as the premise behind season three of Apex Legends. The mercenary can also be the primary stable connection between the sport and the Titanfall sequence, which raises hope that Titans will quickly discover their approach into the battle royale shooter.

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